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An IPhone Charger And Cable Killed A Chinese Man As It Explode While Charging

Iphone Charger Killed A Chinese Man While Charging

Use of the charging cable counterfeit and poor quality charger always put the user in danger. More recently, a tragic accident occurred in Lam Dong and “killer” is none other than the iPhone charging cable from China.

This afternoon (26 October), the tragic accident was discovered by police officers Dam Rong district, Lam Dong province. Victim, 18-year-Pham The Tai, died on the spot. The process of the investigation said the incident occurred on the night of October 25 in advance. At that time, Pham The Tai is charging and using the power of his iPhone.

At the scene, police discovered the victim’s charred behind iPhone and Tai burned in the chest and arm. The investigation showed that the main causes of death are electric shock.

This tragic accident occurred because the victim is using a charger and charger cable made in China does not guarantee quality. During the process of charging and use, this charger exploded and leaked directly 220V electricity.

This is not the first accident involving a low-quality phone accessories in the market. Therefore, you should stay away from the fake, poor quality charging cable, but rather use the original accessories unclear origin, quality assurance and self-protection for yourself.

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