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Apple Has Cut About 10% Of The IPhone 11 Pro Max Order Due To Its Expensive And High Price

IPhone 11 pro max
Titanium Media reports that an insider of Apple industry chain revealed that Apple had adjusted the order for iPhone 11 Pro Max model. Basically, the adjustment was up by 10 from the previous one.
The focus point for this adjustment is because the price of iPhone 11 Pro Max model is too expensive, and does not have vast number of users due to its price. Also, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was not included in the previously iPhone 11 series order.
Other reports claim that Apple has notified the suppliers to increase the output of the new iPhone 11 series to 10% or 8 million units as well because of the higher than expected global demand.
We learnt from the report that the demand for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is among the strongest in the market. Therefore to balance the gap between the production and demand, Apple is subject to reduce the order of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Finally the report states that “the industry chain now gives the iPhone 11 Pro Max a good reduction at 10%, however, Apple did not add an order for iPhone 11 Pro Max, but give 10% cut, We expect the best in all way from the Apple’s sales prospects of this model.

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