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Download Windows And Mac Applications For Samsung DeX That Are Live

Windows Application
Samsung’s DeX always seemed like a waste of resources, since very few of us need a computer replacement operating system. We all have Windows, Mac or Chrome OS machines, so the idea of ​​needing a configuration and a base for a mobile OS to convert to a desktop OS was unnecessary. But now, with DeX capable of running on Windows or Mac as an application, it makes a lot more sense.
Today, those Windows and Mac applications are live for Samsung DeX, so you can try it right now. All you need is a Windows or Mac computer and a USB cable that connects your Samsung phone (such as the Galaxy Note 10).
With the application installed and the phone connected, DeX opens in its own window, just like any other application. But from within, you can run all the applications on your phone, use your favorite browser, check and send emails, messages or text messages, and make use of the applications that you normally don’t have available on your desktop computer.
Perhaps most importantly, it is not a completely separate configuration as it used to be. Now, with DeX running as an application on your computer, your keyboard and mouse simply work and there is nothing to disconnect or change. After the download, I made DeX open and then closed again in a matter of minutes.
To download it, click on the following link

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