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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Be Launched Soon When the ESRB Gives Value

Final Fantasy 2019
At E3 2019 press conference, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Meanwhile there is no release date said but will be released later this year.
And now, the ESRB has ranked Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for Windows PCs and Xbox One. This is a new ranking for games that seem to fail for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, therefore, only include Xbox One and PC as a platform.
Final Fantasy
This is a new ranking that is separate from the ESRB rating given to the original version available through PlayStation Store and Steam. Below is a ranking description of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered ESRB. This game is rated Teen by the ESRB.
This is a role playing game where players follow the story of the fighters involved in the independence war. Players can explore the city, interact with characters, conduct searches and fight against human and fantastic enemies. Turn-based combat, with players choosing attack movements from the menu that trigger short animation sequences. Cutscenes also illustrates examples of violence and blood: characters pierced through chests with broken crystals; a character slashes his face during a sword fight; blood splashes and bleeding sores on the character’s face. This game contains some suggestive material: a scene that refers to “naughty magazine,” even though no image is displayed; female characters wear low-cut or minimal clothing that shows large numbers of breasts / cleavage. A number of scenes depict drunken characters berating them or hiccups; one sequence allows the character of the player to buy alcohol to get the item – after drinking, a character says, “Whoa … (hic) I’m really in vain …”). The words “a * s,” “bastard,” and “b * tch” appear in the dialog.
Actually when the game rankings are updated on the ESRB website, that is when the game gets closer to launch. Even though Square Enix hasn’t shared the release date for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, this might signal an upcoming announcement for the game’s release date.

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