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IPhone Will Be Completely Redesigned, Support For 5G Upgrade And Camera In 2020 According To Ming-Chi Kuo

iPhone 11
Ming-Chi Kuo a trusted Apple analyst has come out today with a new information that highlights his predictions for the iPhone 2020 line that includes the new form factor. He also shares predictions about how this year’s lineup should take advantage of ultra-broadband radio technology to improve inland navigation with a new generation of iBeacons.
Kuo’s also give information which includes its prediction of the biggest selling points for the iPhone 2020 line.
He lists three key improvements: 
1) completely new form factor design
2) 5G support 
3) updates of the camera function.
He hopes that these changes with the iPhones next year will drive year-on-year growth to new levels.
Apple expected until next year an important update of the design of the iPhone, since the line of the iPhone 11 was expected to maintain the same design as the iPhone X and XS, with the exception of the new square camera module.
Kuo did not extend the new design. Kuo reported that the iPhone 2020 cameras will include rear flight time (ToF) sensors. Those could improve image quality and also offer new augmented reality features. He also predicted previously that with the design change in 2020, next year’s OLED iPhone will be offered in sizes 5.4 and 6.7 inches, instead of the current iPhone XS and XS Max 5.8 and 6.5 inches.
The iPhone 11 will come with 5G support that will arrive on the iPhone next year which means that the iPhone 11 line will renounce support for the next-generation cellular standard that is just beginning to be implemented by operators.

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