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The Apple iPhone 11 is equipped with S-Pen like the Samsung Galaxy Note Series

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If Steve Jobs could see these pictures, he might get angry because he hates the stylus touch pen. This, however, brings us back to 2007 when the iPhone was launched, Apple’s founder said “Who wants a stylus? What if I need to take it and then you lose? Haiz. Therefore, no one wants a stylus. So don’t use the stylus.”
While Steve Jobs can’t be found anymore, Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook has made a pencil pen, which can be used on the iPad. And it seems like the perfect accessory for Apple tablets. But what about the iPhone with the stylus? Apparently this is something that Steve Jobs hates so much.
Accessories manufacturer Olixar recently revealed pictures of a new clothed shell for the iPhone 11 Pro. Strangely, the back of the case has a groove, which seems designed to hold the stylus.
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But based on size, it seems that this pen is smaller than the Apple Pencil used on the iPad Pro. So, if this information is correct, Apple can release a mini version of Apple Pencil specifically for the iPhone. Last month, Citibank’s research division also reported that the iPhone 2019 could support Apple Pencil pens.
This is also a special accessory, which Samsung has on its Galaxy Note. Maybe Apple has seen the success of the Galaxy Note series, and wants to learn it. Who knows?
But it should be noted that Olixar has made us very disappointed. That’s when Olixar revealed the cladding casing design for the iPhone SE 2, with a rabbit ear screen, but its size is only the iPhone 5s. However, Apple has never launched an iPhone like that.

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