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Top 7 Steps On How To Keep Galaxy Note S10 & 10 Battery Healthy And Make It Last More || How To Fix Galaxy Note S10 And 10 Battery Life

Galaxy Note 10 battery life
If you are experiencing a shortage of Galaxy S10 battery or your cell phone does not last as long as expected, below we will explain a few tips to improve poor Galaxy S10 battery life. This trick or setting can improve the battery on your S10, S10 + and Galaxy S10e.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is powered by a 4,300 mAh battery and the Note 10 is 3,500 mAh with a built-in 45W fast charging feature to give users a perfect experience for days.
While the Galaxy S10 + is powered by 4,100 mAh, the Galaxy S10 with 3,400mAh and the Galaxy S10e is powered by 3,100mAh. However, it was reported that the Galaxy S10 + lasted for almost 13 hours while surfing the internet. So far we have seen very impressive usage results, but battery life decreases with time and can always be a little better. 
So, here are some options and tips to make your Galaxy S10, Huawei, Tecno, Samsung, Infinix battery last as long as possible.
1. Maintain Your Screen Brightness:
Studies show that the Screen is the most essential part of smartphone and while the screen is always active it will reduce the battery life.
To adjust the brightness on the screen, from the main screen, swipe down from the edge of the screen to open the quick access panel. At the bottom you will get a brightness adjustment bar, drag the bar to the left to reduce screen brightness.

2. Use Black Wallpaper (and Night Mode):
The Samsung One UI that runs on Android 9 Pie introduces a powerful new Dark Mode that works throughout the software experience. For an increase in battery life of 1-2 hours on your Galaxy S10, activate Night mode. Go to Settings> Display> and the 4th option is Night mode.

3. Turn off Background Running Apps:
Slide your finger up from the bottom left to turn on the Multitask screen. Then you select Close all to turn off all applications running in the background. Note that this method is only temporary. There are many instances where applications running in the background are automatically activated, which can drain your battery.
To check, navigate to Phone settings => Device maintenance => select Pin. This section lists applications that consume the most battery. If this application is not needed, uninstall it.
4. Check Applications That Use Too Much Battery:
The first thing you want to do is check for an application that uses too much battery or has a malfunction. This can be a software incompatibility, an error, or just a random occurrence, and it can happen often. If you have problems with the Galaxy S10 battery, keep an eye on applications that are running in the settings menu. Look for a small orange circle on the settings button, which will indicate that something is wrong.
If you use a lot of applications, it will use up your battery. Or, a widget that always checks the weather will be used a lot too. At the same time, several situations occur when the application uses an abnormal amount, and that’s a problem.
Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage to see what’s going on.

5. Disable Display Always Active:
As you can see above and as expected, the large 6.1 or 6.4 inch screen is the 1 battery drain for the Galaxy S10. And while most people like to always On display feature, turning it off can increase battery life. A small clock, date, notification and battery level on the screen at any time, even when the screen is off, are AOD features.

Samsung claims the screen is always active using only 5% battery for 8 full working hours. So even though there are small differences, if you are looking for every possible advantage, turn it off. Go to Settings> Screen lock> and deactivate the Always-on display.

6. Use Battery Saver or Power Saving Mode:
Samsung has a powerful new battery optimization system on the Galaxy S10 and its One UI software experience. Furthermore, Google added many tweaks in Android 9 Pie. Combine the two and that’s why the Galaxy S10 has a pretty good battery life. However, if you experience problems or want it to be better, use battery saver mode, power saving mode, or download several applications to enhance your use.

Under Settings> Device Maintenance> Battery you will find several Power modes. This will change the brightness and resolution of the screen or even slow down the processor to extend battery life throughout the day.

7. Reboot your Galaxy S10 to increase battery life:
This next suggestion or suggestion might sound silly, or clear, but you will be amazed by how often a simple reboot fixes any and all problems or increases the battery life. Apart from that, most people don’t think of rebooting the phone if the battery runs out too fast, but you should do it.

In addition, Samsung has a setting that will automatically reboot your cellphone once a week, at night. Go to Settings> Device Maintenance> Tap the 3-point above> and select Auto restart. You can choose the day of the week, time (like 3 am) and other things.

Doing all the Points listed above will optimize performance and life of your Battery. This is the easiest way to improve performance and battery life.

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